Card 1
Card 2

Original design of «Tsvetnoy» gift cards.

You can not only choose a card nominal, but also handwrite on it any wish.

Cards operate on cash desks of the department store from -1 to - 4 floors on all brands presented in «Tsvetnoy» except: Adidas Оriginals, Adidas Women’s Studio, Go Coppola, IQOS, re:Store, Reebok, TAG HEUER, Uno de 50, WANNA?BE!, Double-B coffee, a dry-cleaner of Nikko, sneaker-cleaner Sole Fresh.

In re:Store you can purchase another gift cards.

Apply for more detailed information to consultants of brands. To enterprise customers concerning acquisition of gift cards to address on

You can also purchase cards on the central cash desk of Tsvetnoy Department store.